Luisa Mangialajo - Assistant Professor
Coastal ecosystems ecology, species interactions, human impacts, observation and management, ecological restoration
Macrophyte-dominated community; benthic microalgae; benthic HABs
+ 33 (0) 4 92076883

I am assistant Professor at the Nice Sophia Antipolis University. I received a graduate degree in Environmental sciences from the University of Genova, and a Ph.D. in Marine Science from the same University. I worked in UK, Spain, Italy and France, where I had the present position in 2009. Since 2007 I contributed to more than 30 peer-reviewed papers on international journals and to 7 other publications.

My research focuses on marine ecosystems (and in particular of the large brown seaweeds forests):

 - Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecological status,
 - Consequences of cumulated human activities: direct and indirect effects and their interactions,
 - Recovery and ecological restoration,
 - Benthic harmful microalgal blooms – HABs (Ostreopsis).
 - I participated, coordinated or have been PI in more than 10 research programs (local, national and international).


Present projects:

AFRIMED: "Algal Forest Restoration In the MEDiterranean Sea", European funding.