Francesca Rossi-CNRS Researcher
benthic ecology, seagrass, food webs
stable isotope analysis, invertebrate taxonomy, experimental ecology
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I am a CNRS researcher and I moved to ECOMERS (now ECOSEAS)  in July 2018, after working for 7 years at ECOSYM/MARBEC laboratory in Montpellier. Before joining the CNRS my pilgrimage in the science realm brought me to work in different international environments (Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain), where I worked on the ecology of intertidal flats. I have now started focusing on the ecology of eelgrasses (Zostera marina and Z noltei) and become part of the international network ZEN (Zostera Experimental Network, funded by NSF, as unique French PI. At ECOMERS I want to develop some research on the ecology, resilience and conservation of seagrasses. I also enjoy being involved in teaching, mostly for master courses. In Montpellier I was involved in the master program “biodiversity evolution and ecology” , where I was co-responsible of the teaching unit “Ecologie: concepts et expérimentations”. At present I am involved in the master “Science, Conservation & Valorization of Marine Resources” at the University of the cote d’azur.