Emna Ben Lamine - PhD
Fish Assemblages, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
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After graduating as an engineer in fisheries and marine environment in 2010, I chose to continue on monitoring fish populations in MPAs in Tunisia. My first experience with ECOMERS was during my master degree (2011-2012) about the optimization of the FAST technique (Fish Assemblage Sampling Technique) with trophic and functional indicators. Since 2014, my joint supervision (co-tutelle) thesis between the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France) and the National Agronomic Institute of Tunis (Tunisia) is the continuity of my previous research, under the direction of Patrice FRANCOUR and Mohamed Salah ROMDHANE. It concerns the proposal and the establishment of monitoring indicators of fish populations in Tunisian MPAs . The idea is to establish a monitoring network for fish in Tunisian MPAs. The choice of monitoring methods depends on scientific reliability and applicability by managers of MPAs and citizens. Relying on this first experience can only strengthen the integrated management of coastal zones that Tunisia has the will to develop. This thesis project was partially financed by MedMPAnet projct, MedKeyHabitat project (RAC/SPA) (Tunisia), Agence de l'eau (France), with the logistic support of  the APAL ("Agence de Protection et d'Aménagement du Littoral") and "Abysse Plongée" association in Tunisia.