Simona Bussotti - Researcher
Fish and Benthic Ecology, Marine Caves, Marine Protected Areas
Fish and benthos visual census, Marine invertebrate sorting
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Presently Researcher 'CoNISMa' (National Interuniversity Consortium of Marine Sciences, Rome) associated to ECOMERS lab. I received a graduate degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Genoa (Italy), and a Ph.D. in Environmental Biology at the Universites of Siena and Salento-Lecce (Italy). I had a scholarship at the Benthic Ecology Laboratory of the Zoological Station 'Anton Dohrn' of Naples (Italy). I did my Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Salento (Lecce, Italy). I am involved in several national and international projects with particular emphasis on effectiveness of marine protected areas, settlement and recruitment patterns of littoral fishes, spatio-temporal distribution patterns of rocky reef fish assemblages and rocky sessile benthic assemblages, including marine cave habitats. In recent years I have been involved in many education and communication projects with school students and general public. I am author of 34 scientific articles on ISI journals and 36 publications appeared on national journals and congress proceedings.