Margalida Monserrat
Ecology, Macroalgae forests, Conservation, Recovery
Marine ecology, SCUBA diving
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Growing up in a very close relationship with the sea I have always been very curious about sea creatures and I am convinced that we have to protect them from human impacts.

Currently I am doing a PhD in the context of ecological restoration, on the ecology of marine forests (Cystoseira sensu latu) and in particular assessing if the loss of marine forests could potentially increase the risk of benthic harmful algal blooms (HABs; Ostreopsis spp.), under the supervision of Luisa Mangialajo (U. of Cote d’Azur) and Steeve Comeau (LOV).

A large part of my PhD is carried out in the framework of AFRIMED project, which main objective is to develop, refine and implement novel restoration actions, and formulate guidelines that can be used to bring about measurable change in macroalgal forest health in the Mediterranean Sea.