Alix Varenne
Marine Ecology, Coastal restauration
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My phD thesis is on the Study of the functional diversity of artificial nurseries in port areas and their trophic connectivity with adjacent ecosystems. This phD thesis is carried out under the CIFRE system with the collaboration between Ecocean society and the ECOSEAS laboratory of the Côte d'Azur University.

I am particularly interested in the management and preservation of marine ecosystems in the context of natural and anthropogenic pressures with a view to conservation. I had the opportunity to study several aspects of marine conservation and restauration throught my previous experiences. During my academics studies in France and in Australia I had the opportunity to study the functioning of Mediterranean benthic and pelagic ecosystems, both on site (data acquisition at sea (dredging, CTD probe, etc.), scientific dives: quadrats and transects, exchanges with tourism and fishing professionals) and in the laboratory (GIS, identification of species and characterization of habitats, trophic ecology, stable isotopes, taxonomy and data analysis: ANOVA, MDS, time series, etc. ).