Elisabeth Riera
Biofilm, Artificial Reefs, Habitat Structure
Biofilm analysis, Bacterial analysis, Microphytobenthos analysis, HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), GC (Gas Chromatography), T-RFLP (Terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism)
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PhD title: 3D print : a innovative technology to build artificial reefs ?

My PhD thesis is in codirection by Patrice Francour (Professor at the Nice Sophia-Antipolis University) and Cédric Hubas (Senior Lecturer at the National Museum of Natural History-Paris).

My research thesis is dealing with the assessment of a new generation of Artificial reefs (ARs) produced by the D-Shape 3D-print technology (http://d-shape.com/) that enables freedom of form and material. My aim is to develop a quantitative index of complexity of marine habitat (natural or artificial) and to find potential correlation with diversity and abundance of species community. This index will help to build ARs that meet the needs of marine species community. My other goal will be to assess the ecological suitability of the 3D material (compared to traditional concrete and natural rock) by following the biofilm developpment as a bio indicator. Indeed the biofilm lead the colonisation of ARs and constitute an organic substrate where macrofouling will settle.