Alexandre Schickele
Ecosystem modelling, Fisheries, Population dynamics, Climate change
Trophic modelling (EwE), Ecological Niche Modelling, Biogeography (QGIS), Statistic software (R)
+33 (0)628361379
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After a master degree in Marine Science and Fisheries Management in AGROCAMPUS OUEST and an internship focusing on spatial estuarine food web modelling using Ecopath with Ecosim, I decided to continue towards scientific research.

I started my PhD in November 2017 within the ECOMERS Laboratory under the supervision of Patrice FRANCOUR and Virginie RAYBAUD. The aim of this work is to predict the influence of climate change on the Mediterranean fish populations through a modelling approach. Last decades, sea surface temperature increase, shifts in species distribution areas and the arrival of invasive species have been reported in the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, there is an ecological and economical need to predict upcomming changes in Mediterranean fish communities.

For such objectives, Ecological Niche Modelling (ENM) coupled with IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) scenarios are used in order to model current distribution and predict future range shifts of several Mediterranean keystone fish species. In a second phase, ecosystem models will be calibrated using the ENM outputs in several Mediterranean ecosystems. Taking climate induced shifts in the food web into account will allow us to predict future ecosystem functionning and therefore discuss the underlying ecosystem management issues.