Marine environment, Mediterranean Sea, Algerian marine coastal environment, ecology, ecotoxicology
Biomonitoring, ecological indicators, ecotoxicological assessment, impact of brine discharges from desalination plants, Patella rustica, multi-biomarker approach, chemical analysis
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I am currently a biology PhD student specialized in marine and coastal sciences . I have joined the environmental monitoring network laboratory (LRSE, Oran University) in 2011 where I was working on Cetacean strandings as part of my master graduation on marine and coastal sciences.

I have then taken a new research path following the collaboration with the ECOMERS laboratory (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis) established within the PHC Maghreb in 2014.

My PhD is supervised jointly by Dr. Christine RISSO (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis) and Dr. Omar ROUANE-HACENE  (University of Oran).

My research focuses on the use of marine organisms as bio-monitoring tools. This is being investigated using a multi-indicator approach based both on an ecological and eco- toxicological diagnosis.

The main objectives of my work are :

-           to establish an inventory of the macro algae and gastropod species of the intertidal zone of the Algerian west coast.

-           to perform a qualitative and quantitative analysis for an ecological diagnosis, which can reveal the alteration levels of the coastal zones and identify the environmental stress hot spots (at the“ecosystemic scale”)

-           to establish an ecotoxicological diagnosis in situ using a sentinel specie such as patella rustica exposed to the discharges from desalination plants (hot spot) through chemical analyses (e.g. metallic pollutants such as Cu, Cd) and a multi-biomarker approach

(e.g. using a core of defense and damage biomarkers).

My aim is to assess the marine coastal ecosystems health status and the impact of the discharges from desalination plants. The capacity of adaptation and the sensitivity of different species exposed to multi-stress are investigated.