Antonio Calò - Post Doc researcher
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and MPA networks; MPA effects; fish population dispersal and connectivity; fish early life traits; fish habitat selection; human impact in MPAs; ecosystem approach to fishery; small scale fisheries; marine litter
Otolith microstructure and chemical analysis; biophysical propagule dispersal models; UVC; GIS. Soft skills (trained by NOAA and WWF): science communication/outreach; management of natural assets and the public at large
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Born in Salento (Italy) on September 28th 1987. He is currently a post-doc fellow at the University of Nice (France). Bachelor’s degree (110/110) in Environmental Science and Master’s degree (cum Laude) in Evaluation of Environmental Impacts at the University of Salento (Lecce, Italy). PhD in “Biodiversity and Environmental Management” at the University of Murcia (Spain) with a thesis entitled “Dispersal patterns and connectivity among Mediterranean reef fish populations: the case of the saddled sea bream, Oblada melanura [Linnaeus, 1758] in the Western Mediterranean Sea”.


Involved in different regional, national and international projects on Marine Protected Areas, in particular the project 'Initial Training Network for Monitoring Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MMMPA) a Marie Curie Action funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme ( MMMPA aimed to train a new generation of MPA scientists and managers, equipping them with a flexible set of skills essential within a wide range of professional environments, including public administration, local authorities, industry and academia.