Jean-Michel Cottalorda - Ingénieur d’Etudes, de Recherche et de Formation en Ecologie marine (hors classe)
Marine Ecology; High-trophic level predators; Marine Protected Areas (MPAs); human impacts; recovery and ecological restoration; sustained development, non native and invasive species
Studies and projects from fundamental scientific knowledge to applied solutions; management of biodiversity and sensitization of the public at large; science communication/outreach; UVC; scuba diving; photography
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Marine ecology engineer in the ECOSEAS laboratory (UMR 7035) - CNRS - Nice Sophia Antipolis University (France), I collaborated (since 1992) on local, national and international projects, focussed on:

- inventory and sustainable management of vulnerable high trophic level predators populations (such as different species of groupers or brown meagre);

- effects of reserve protection level on vulnerable species and implications for fishing management and policy;

- MPAs (with particular emphasis on reserve effect and potential effect of touristic frequentation);

- consequences of cumulated human activities (direct and indirect effects) and their interactions (commercial, recreational and illegal marine activities impacts and their socio economic value);

- integrated coastal zone management, recovery and ecological restoration (mooring, artificial reefs, fisheries and scuba diving management);

- non native and invasive species (inventory, spreading, management and control);

- science communication/outreach and citizen science (information gathering, management of biodiversity and the public at large, campaigns on ecological awareness);

- change in the fauna and flora under the influence of global change;

- benthic harmful microalgal blooms;

- bio-indicators: application for fish, seagrass beds and macro-algae.

I’m also asked (by managers such as the Port-Cros National Park Head/Directory, local authorities or state administration in charge of biodiversity) as an expert, for exemple :

-       the implementation of sustainable management regulations and their evaluation and adaptation;

-       the monitoring and the control of invasive species ;

-       the evaluation of vulnerable marine species population...

During more than 26 years, I also contributed to several « scientific documents »: more than 50 papers published (some in international journals) and 200 reports or other information leaflets (see attached bibliography).