NAUTILUS - Marine noise in the Ligurian Sea: from systematic signal analysis to the impact on marine species
noise, navigation, juvenile fish, whales
UMR 7035 ECOSEAS, UMR 7329 Géoazur, I3S CNRS-Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France
Guidetti P., Galve A., Lebrun J.

ECOSEAS, Géoazur, I3S, iBV, CIRM, CHORUS, INPHYNI, Team Grenoble (private partner) (France); Stanford University (Monterey, USA)

Academy 3 (Espace, Environnement, Risques et Résilience) of UCAJEDI


Overall funding 93,350€


January 1st 2019 – December 21st 2021

  • The undersea environment has long been depicted as a silent world. Research carried out in the last decades, however, has raised a growing awareness about sounds and noises as important components of the marine environment. The marine noise consists of biotic (sounds mainly produced by invertebrates, fish, and marine mammals), Abiotic (reflecting physical features of the marine environment, such as breaking waves, currents moving over reefs), and anthropogenic sounds (produced by sonar, seismic prospecting, drilling, recreational and fishing vessels, cargo and cruise ships), the sum of them being referred to as soundscape.
  • This project will characterize the marine noise in selected locations of the Ligurian Sea in order to i) identify and discriminate the various sources of noise, and ii) to understand the response of marine organisms (juveniles fish and whales) to anthropogenic noise.
  • To develop these innovative approaches, we propose original interactions between UCA laboratories (enriched with external collaborations) involving acousticians and specialists in complex scene analysis, marine geophysicists, biologists, ecologists.
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