ECOMED - Étude du système Posidonia oceanica-banquettes pour une solution naturelle contre l’érosion Côtière dans la Méditerranée
Fig 1. Posidonia oceanica wrack accumulations on the beach and in the water
Fig 2.Education activities on the beach
detritus, beach-cast, beach, sandy shores, biodiversity
Francesca Rossi


Région Sud

Overall funding 49.600 euros


2021 - 2022

A study on the accumulation of Posidonia oceanica wrack as a possible nature based solution for coastal erosion – understanding acceptability, educating young generations and improving scientific knowledge

It is well assessed that Posidonia oceanica wrack accumulating on sandy beaches are important elements for contrasting erosion. The definition of nature-based solution includes that changes do not only enhance the target ecosystem service, but also contribute to enhance biodiversity and more broadly different ecosystem services. This project aims at understanding the ecological role of wrack to provide habitat and food to fishes and invertebrates inhabiting sandy shores.

In addition, despite their ecological importance, wrack continues to be removed from the beach under tourism pressure that requires « clean » beach. Beach grooming is followed by beach nourishment and has consequences for the beach and the surf zone. A second objective of the project is thus improving ocean literacy for young generations by proposing ad-hoc education activities to students from middle and high school. We work in tight collaboration to different school professors and propose field activities followed by discussion in class to improve wrack acceptability.

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