CREOCEAN and GEOLAB companies are developing a methodology and know-how in underwater photogrammetry. The objective is to reconstruct in 3D as accurately as possible objects immersed from series of underwater photos. A modelling of the 3D printed artificial reefs immersed in Larvotto Marine Protected Area has been recently conducted in collaboration with AMPN and ECOMERS. The main objective is to compare the theoretical model used for 3D printing with the model reconstructed by photogrammetry. This modelling could be integrated into the work conducted by Elisabeth Riera as part of her doctoral thesis on the evaluation of the tridimensional complexity of all types of artificial reefs. Ultimately, this technique can also be applied in other areas of research.

photogrammetry 1

Photo P. Francour: underwater photography of a 3D printed artificial reef. Several hundred of photos are necessary to reconstruct by photogrammetry a tridimensional object.


photogrammetry 2

Photo CREOCEAN: the first reconstruction by photogrammetry of a Larvotto 3D artificial reef.