Anna Fricke - Post Doc Researcher
Benthic ecology, Macroalgae, Mikrophytobenthos, HABs

I am a postdoctoral researcher in phycology at ECOMERS.

I received my diploma in Biology from the University of Bremen and the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI Bremerhaven), and defended my Ph.D. in Natural Sciences 2011 at the University of Bremen and the Leibnitz-Centre of marine Ecology (ZMT Bremen).

I worked in Germany, Spitsbergen, Curacao, New Zealand, Sweden, Argentina and France, where I am working since May 2014. I studied Polar, Tropical, as well as temperate environments and presented my work in nine peer-reviewed publications, as well as in different international conferences.

My research focuses on marine ecosystems (in particular on the ecology of macro- and microalgal communities):

- Biodiversity and ecology of macroalgae and benthic diatoms

- Benthic algae as indicators to environmental changes

- Benthic harmful microalgal blooms – HABs (Ostreopsis)

At present I am involved in the project:

- M3-HABs: Risk Monitoring, Modelling and Mitigation of Benthic Harmful Algal Blooms along Mediterranean coasts (Cross-Border Cooperation)