PAVIS - Assessing the relationships between marine protected areas and invasive species
A school of invasive rabbitfishes in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Photo by Yiannis Issaris/
marine protected areas; invasive species; Mediterranean Sea; impacts
FRE 3729 ECOMERS. CNRS-Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France
Sylvaine Giakoumi

Agence National de Recherche (Accueil de Chercheurs de Haut Niveau)

– Overall funding 365,335€ (ECOMERS 365,335€)


March 1th 2016 – February 28th 2019

  • Biological invasions are major contributors to global change and native biodiversity decline. Currently, assessments of invasive species' impacts on marine ecosystems in and outside MPAs are scanty. At the same time,the role of MPAs in controlling invasive species populations is largely unknown.
  • PAVIS will investigate the following hypotheses: 1) whether MPAs influence the expansion of invasive species and mitigate their effects on native assemblages, 2) whether the ecological effects of such species could alter, reduce, or nullify ecosystem responses to protection in MPAs, and 3) whether local economic activities, such as artisanal fisheries and recreational diving, performed in MPAs and adjacent areas, have been impacted by the presence of invasives.
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