In the framework of the FishMPAblue2 European project, the ECOMERS laboratory (FRE 3729 , University of Nice Sophia Antipolis & CNRS) launches today a consultancy opportunity to work on data of i) small scale fisheries catches and ii) human dimension of fishers, in Mediterranean MPAs.


The University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS) is an interdisciplinary public university receiving every year more than 25,000 students. It comprises approximately 1600 academics and 1100 administrative staff members. The institutional scopes of the UNS are research and education. UNS encompasses 44 research laboratories and is ranked in the top 3% universities worldwide (Shangai academic ranking).

The lab ECOMERS is specialized in fundamental and applied marine ecology. Most of the research work is carried out in the Mediterranean Sea and addresses both theoretical (ecosystem functioning, biology and ecology of species and communities; bioecological changes under the influence of climate change) and applied issues (ecosystem-wide conservation and assessment; marine protected areas; management of human activities in coastal areas; sustainable small scale fishing; ecotoxicological bio-surveillance).

Context of the project:

FishMPABlue2 project is the follow-up of the FishMPABlue1 project funded by Interreg MED Programme 2007-2013 (from now on: FishMPABlue 1).

FishMPABlue1 carried out an analysis (based on literature review and questionnaires answer by MPA’s managers) on the management of small scale fishery (SSF) within and around a set of Mediterranean MPAs and developed the so called “regional-based governance toolkit” of potential measures for SSF governance in and around MPAs (i.e. composed by multiple key-elements, also called “tools”, see FishMPABlue1 outputs) enabling MPAs to reach successful management of SSF. More specifically FishMPABlue1 highlighted that fish stocks are healthier, fishermen incomes are higher and the social acceptance of management practices is promoted (so overall a successful management of SSF is reached) if a set of elements is present in a MPA (e.g. high MPA enforcement, presence of a management plan, high fishermen engagement in MPA management, fishermen representatives in the MPA board, and promotion of sustainable fishing).

The aims of FishMPABlue2 projects are:

- to test the governance toolkit (i.e. by implementing these elements or increasing their level) through multiple Pilot Actions in selected MPAs

- to assess and quantify its effectiveness in achieving expected results in terms of MPA ecological effectiveness, benefits delivered to SSF and social acceptance of management measures by stakeholders.

Position summary:

Working closely with the project and laboratory team members, the role of the recruited consultant will involve (but it will be not limited to) the following:

- extraction of data concerning small scale fisheries catches from photo-samples collected at landing. Landings from within and around 11 Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas will be analyzed, for an overall maximum number of 1000 landings.

- compilation of fisheries database that will include data about catches (i.e. size of each individual), plus information describing each fishing operation

- compilation of database of questionnaires administered to small scale fishermen. Questionnaires will range from 100 to 150

- Collaboration in writing report

Duration of the contract and remuneration:

The contract will run for a duration of 2 months. The remuneration will be provided in 2 installments (50% advance payment, 50% on completion)

The offers will be considered within a maximum of 10.500 euros (VAT excluded)

Qualifications and experience required:

- PhD in Environmental Sciences or related fields.

- Previous experience working in marine conservation

- Availability to work at the Ecomers Lab collaborating closely with the project members

How to apply:

A letter of applications should be emailed to paolo.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and laura.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All correspondence for this position should quote reference FishMPABlue2_SSF/Jul 2018.

The application should include:

- The CV(s) of the expert(s).

- The work plan.

- The estimated budget of the offer, in Euros (including VAT), detailing the allocation of funds to the various tasks.

Closing date for applications:

All applications for this position should be received in advance of 5pm on 24th July 2018. Please note that late applications will not be accepted. Selected candidate will be hopefully notified by the end of July 2018.